Is it OK to move during Covid-19?

Thousands of Angelenos are likely in the same boat—stuck at home in a house or apartment they were planning to move out of this spring.

Moving companies are classified as essential under LA’s “safer-at-home” order, and many are open for business.

Some people may have no choice but to find a new place of residence, whether because of the end of a lease agreement, a dispute with a partner or roommate, or an unsafe home environment..

The Los Angeles Department of Public Health says that moving is technically “safe,” as long as residents follow best practices for social distancing, cleaning, and disinfecting.

If you are planning a move to or within the Los Angeles area in the near future, here’s what to expect—whether you’re still looking for a new place or trying to move in your things.

How do I view a new house or apartment?

This is frankly going to be a lot trickier if you don’t already have a new residence lined up. Under the city’s revised safer-at-home orderin-person showings for both apartments and homes for sale are prohibited.

Rules for the rest of Los Angeles County are only slightly less restrictive. Countywide, in-person showings are by appointment only and limited to homes that are currently vacant. Only two people—who must already live together—are allowed to tour a unit at once and must stay six feet apart from the person showing the unit.

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